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1st Brick: Laure & Antoine Medawar, respectively a Doctor in Pharmacy & a successful entrepreneur, with 20 years track record in the pharmaceutical industry, found Medapharm company

1st Laboratory: Medapharm is assigned as the exclusive distributor of Asepta Laboratories-Monaco, well known for various patency's, high standards of safety and ingredients traceability

Mediphar Laboratories: A leading manufacturer in Lebanon & the Middle East, assigns only Medapharm at first, for marketing & distributing the whole range of its generic medications

A Nobel cause: Medapharm deploys acknowledgeable efforts in helping professionals cure civil war victims, through the swift supply of some scarce medications, meant to reverse the consequences of burn injuries on the immune system

1st movers in the Food Supplement Category: Launch of Danish brand Pharmanord, experts in Bio-availability innovation; this strong competitive advantage secures a natural & effortless absorption by the human body of all active ingredients. Medapharm was first mover in making available on the Lebanese market, from PharmaNord Laboratories, two very important food supplements: The Super Bio-Quinone Q10 and the Bio-Calcium +D3+K

A Huge Success: 804 Pack minceur from 3 Chenes Laboratories A well balanced and pleasant weight loss protocol is launched and heavily advertised by Medapharm; it leads the category for a few years

A New Board of Directors: Whose members are the children of Laure & Antoine Medawar is formed. Since then, all three new board members are working hand in hand pursuing their parents early 80’s mission and dream

A key role at Over-The-Counter business: Medapharm holds today an important position in these categories, due to its strong network of health community professionals and along with a solid marketing support behind all represented brands. Medapharm starts owning a key role at Over-The-Counter pharmaceutical business

Mission & Vision

From prevention to treatment, Medapharm is dedicated to improving people’s lives since 1981, through Medical Excellence. Committed to offering safe, innovative and diversified solutions, Medapharm covers various therapeutic areas, adding to it, Beauty & Wellness.

Positioned among the most trustworthy and respected healthcare partners in the prescription medications market, Medapharm strives to become the most consumer/patient centric company of the Lebanese Industry: The business model will be focused on providing a higher level of Over-The-Counter products accessibility to our clients.




In our commitments to the highest standards


In delivering premium safe value solutions & customer service
Dynamic Flexible Culture

Dynamic Flexible Culture

Whereby exceeding our clients evolving expectations is our main concern
Respect for our employees

Respect for our employees

Through empowerment and reward
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

By implementing environmental processes & keeping up with Green Trends
Supply Chain, Warehousing & Distribution  Picture

Supply Chain, Warehousing & Distribution

We operate in conformity with the World Health Organization
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Regulatory & Compliance  Picture

Regulatory & Compliance

We proudly comply with the best standards
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Sales & Medical representatives Picture

Sales & Medical representatives

Our flexibility is key to our efficiency
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Strategic Marketing Picture

Strategic Marketing

We master meeting our clients’ needs profitably
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Support Services Picture

Support Services

These various departments contribute each in its core competencies domain, to the success of the organization
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"Medapharm offers us an excellent and consistent service: We enjoy the professional support of their Sales team, their commitment on delivery lead times and their vast portfolio of innovative products."

Dr. Nabil Kaedbey

PharmD, Al Chark Pharmacy, Beirut
"Medapharm has delivered an outstanding service so far. The delivery is fast and punctual, with sales services making the transactions go smoother and a lot more practical. Medapharm provides a diverse array of different cosmetic and beauty products catering to different peoples’ needs. This company has shown dedication to manufacture and present reliable products of high quality that never fails to impress and satisfy clients’ needs. As for the beauty advisor, she couldn’t have done a better job. Her vast knowledge of each product and her marketing skills help her communicate the product to many. A deep understanding of each condition definitely comes to her aid when marketing such products. Perhaps her ability to introduce customers to try new products just adds to her overall capabilities and performance.
Medapharm is a company is one that I would recommend as they have not failed to prove their reliability and professionalism."

Dr. Jamal Ali Jaber

Pharmacist and owner of Jamal Jaber Pharmacy, Borj El Barajne
"Great Products! One of the best and most professional teams. Keep up the great work..."

Dr. Nakhle Ayoub

M.D, Dermatology and Dermatological Laser Applications
"Tout mon respect à une firme dont le fondateur a toutes les qualités d’un vrai père ! Au fil des années, Medapharm a fait une preuve d’une loyauté sans pareil. Bonne continuation avec les successeurs pour encore plus de réussite et de succès !!"

Dr. Nayla Sfeir

M.D. Pediatrics
"ان ادارة الصيدلية تشكر و تبجل خدمات شركة MEDAPHARM HEALTHCARE لكل ما تقدمه لخدمة في التوصيل و البيع والاهتمام بمستحضراتهم الطبية والتجميلية ناهيك عن خدمة التوصيل في أسرع وقت ممكن البضاعة المطلوبة." 

Dr. Zaher Al Bsat

Pharmacist and owner of Mazen Pharmacy, Chiah
"تفيد صيدلية مازن كورنيش المزرعة أن مندوبتكم لدينا تتمتع بكامل الصفات الحسنة، فهي نشيطة جدا" وتهتم بنظافة وترتيب الستاند وتسويق منتوجاتكم في الصيدلية ونشكر تعاونكم في ترجيع التواريخ القريبة والمنتهية الصلاحية والسرعة في توصيل الطلبيات."

Dr. Mazen Al Bsat

Pharmacist and owner of Mazen Pharmacy, Mazraa
"I would like to give my testimonial regarding the performance of Medapharm Healthcare and their representatives. I truly believe that Mrs Lody Hajjar has shown an exceptional work and amazing work ethics. She enjoys outstanding sales technics and has quite a high number of loyal customers. Medapharm is a professional company with great products and successful customer service."

"And by the way, Coup D’eclat is an amazing product!"

Dr. Crystel Diab

Pharmacist at Al Soha Pharmacy, Baabdat
"Durant toutes ces années de travail avec vous, l’écho est très satisfaisant faisant preuve d’un professionnalisme de toute l’équipe."

Dr. Lina Sammour

Pharmacist and owner of Lina Pharmacy, Mtayleb
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