Balepou Spray

BALEPOU® is a spray repellent preventive action. It helps fight against contamination of natural and effective way. Its exclusive formula, non-aggressive, non-chemical combination of organic essential oils selected for their repellent properties. Without insecticides, alcohol and delicately scented with lavender, Balépou provides natural protection daily. It is also often used as needed without aggression to the scalp or fragile hair of children. Very easy to use, Balépou is recommended throughout the school year.

Recommended Usage:
Shake well before use, then spray Balépou® extensively on all of the hair (about 8 sprays or 1 ml) and massage gently for 3 minutes to evenly distribute the product. Do not rinse or wipe. Restart the application after styling like a lacquer directly on the hair (about 4 sprays or 0.5 ml) and on all textiles which may be contaminated. Can be used daily during periods of risk. For maximum efficiency, also use the shampoo Balépou

• natural essential oils: cedar, geranium, ravensare, lavender, sweet orange, melaleuca

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