Calcium is an element and also the most abundant mineral in the human body. The most prominent function of calcium is its need in the maintenance of normal teeth and bones. Bone tissue also functions as the body's calcium storage facility. If the body gets too little calcium, it breaks down calcium from bone tissue to cover its needs. The percent of the body's calcium which is not channeled into teeth and bones supports different body functions. For instance, calcium contributes to:
• Normal maintenance of muscle function
• Normal neurotransmission
• Normal blood clotting
• Normal energy metabolism
• Normal function of digestive enzymes

Calcium cannot be absorbed from the digestive system without Vitamin D, while Vitamin K promotes its uptake into living bone tissue constantly replaced. So, as bone tissue is the body's calcium storage facility, it is particularly important that we absorb sufficient calcium in the bones.

Recommended daily intake 1 -3 Calcium tablets ( peppermint flavored and can be chewed)

Calcium 500mg of calcium (as calcium malate and calcium carbonate), Vitamin D3 5 mcg, Vitamin K 35 mcg (for an optimal balance of elemental calcium and bioavailability)

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