05 Oct 2018

Our best alleys are Zinc and Vitamin C for a flu and cold free season

This upcoming fall season is especially challenging for our immune system, as it will be constantly trying to keep away viruses, bacteria and germs.

A high risk level of enduring flu is always present in Lebanon at both adults and children. Rhinoviruses spread quickly, and in just 24 hours, they reproduce lots in the nose and throat .The average cold is about 7 days, but sometimes it takes up to 14 days. Numerous cold viruses might also mutate, leading to many sick notices and missed days at work and in schools. In already weakened persons, the flu can lead to more serious secondary diseases such as middle ear infections or sinusitis. 
You may consider some preventive measures to strengthen your immune system and to resist the flu when it strikes: Zinc & Vitamin C are the solution! 

Zinc shorten colds and make them less intense

Scientific studies showed that zinc can be successfully used to prevent and treat colds:
-    The number of colds decreased significantly among the subjects
-    The probability that an existing cold would last seven days becomes very low
-    The cold symptoms among the subjects were a lot milder. 

Zinc inhibits growth of cold viruses 

Zinc is effective in fighting colds as it simply:
-     Drive the viruses out, due to the fact that it occupies their docking location. 
-    It inhibits the growth and stops the reproduction of these germs. 
-    It helps in alleviating the possible inflammation reactions caused by a cold. Consequently, the nasal mucosa does not swell as much, allowing the person to breathe easier. 

Vitamin C helps to lower the chances of catching a cold

Once the cold viruses have reached our mucous membranes, vitamin C becomes active in various places:
-     It induces the formation of white blood cells
-    It adheres to free radicals, neutralizing them and regenerating more of the body's own antioxidants. In this way, it keeps our immune system going and reduces oxidative stress.
When a cold starts, the vitamin C level occasionally falls drastically owing to the increased expenditure. If this happens, it is advisable to take high doses of vitamin C quickly to support our body’s defense system that it is not brought down to its knees.

We strongly recommend you grant your body the good balance of Zinc and Vitamin C as of today, through:

-    A balanced diet: Zinc is found, for example, in cheese, peanuts, and oatmeal, whereas vitamin C is found in products like citrus, onions or bell peppers, as well as in various berries. 
-    A daily intake of “Bio-Zinc” (organically bound zinc in the form of zinc gluconate) & “Bio-C-Vitamin” (film-coated tablets with 750 mg of vitamin C in the form of non-acidic calcium ascorbate) from Pharmanord, available at your nearest pharmacist, and manufactured under strict Danish pharmaceutical control. These food supplements are highly bio-available ensuring an excellent absorption by the body. 

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