08 Nov 2019

Your Ultimate Skincare Routine for HYDRATION

Hello Gorgeous!

Skin with lack of moisture deprives the skin from looking shiny and glowy!

Perhaps, dehydration gives dry and dull looking, not only for the face but for the body too. The skin overall tone and complexion may appear unbalanced and fine lines are more visible.

Despite of drinking water or other fluids and eating fruits and vegetables, here are some tips to keep your skin hydrated and naturally glowing:

1. Choose the right moisturizer and a SUPER one:

Dehydrated and sensitive skin is caused by external factors (climatic variations, UV rays, pollution…) and internal factors (stress, hormones stimuli).

To relieve this skin type, "Moist" is the answer. 

SOSKIN SUPER MOISTURIZING CREAM, a treatment for dehydrated sensitive skin and extra dry skin: Fills the skin with moisture and emollient substances to bring back its beauty.
2. Think Anti-Aging 

You might think that you’ve got the hydration skincare all worked out and you finished your face treatment, but fine lines are still noticeable. That’s why it important to complete your skincare routine with anti- aging treatments.

For this reason, we choose COUP D’ECLAT INTENSE PLUMPING TREATMENT, formulated for normal to combination skin, to fill deep wrinkles in only 7 days and to bring volume to mature skins for a visible firmer and younger skin.

3. Eyes area needs extra attention

Do you know that the skin around the eye loses moisture for 50% faster and ages faster than the rest of your face?

For this reason, we choose SOSKIN EYE CARE SERUM:

A concentrate serum that treats the overall eye contour and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eye area.

Especially formulated with light weight texture for the delicate area around the eye, it soothes and softens wrinkles.

4. Don't forget your hands, your feet and your body!

We think that skin routine is only about the face treatment without thinking of our hands, feet and body. 

To keep them hydrated: Every night, use EUBOS HAND CREAM UREA 5% on your hands, EUBOS FOOT CREAM UREA 10% on your feet and EUBOS HYDRO LOTION UREA 10% on your whole body to wake up softer the next morning.

To mention that Urea, known as Carbamide, is used as a medication to treat skin dryness and itching, especially during winter or for people who suffer from psoriasis, diabetes or any other medical issue that cause skin dryness.

Keep your complexion hydrated for a beautiful looking!

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