19 Jun 2018

Did you Know? Vitamin C Serums does wonders to your skin

Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin ranking at the top of all beauty products combined, based on its extreme potency in fighting the signs of aging, improving the skin texture and enhancing the natural production of collagen and elastin. Elastin helps the skin stretch, preventing it from wrinkling. Collagen keeps it fresh and moist, preventing dryness and sagging. These two proteins are essential in order to have healthy skin, and can’t be produced naturally by our skin without among others, the Vitamin C nutrient.

Benefits of Vitamin C serum.

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Boosts Collagen Production

Age and sun damage cause us to lose collagen, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. Vitamin C boosts skin’s collagen production for a firmer, smoother and plumper skin.

Fights Free Radical Damage and Signs of Aging

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help fight free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation, resulting in a younger-looking skin

Brightens Dark Spots

Vitamin C helps lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots. It also inhibits melanin production for evening skin tone and brightness.

Skin Repair

It helps to repair damage from sun exposure and collagen loss by encouraging gentle exfoliation and skin regeneration. It helps fade scars as well.

The best Vitamin C serums are the ones with below characteristics:

L- Ascorbic Acid form (LAA): While Vitamin C serums could come in different forms or derivatives, the best one is the L-Ascorbic Acid (LAA), at a 15% concentration. This is actually the most potent form of vitamin C, with the most research backing up its effectiveness.

Combined with Vitamin E and L-Glutathione

Vitamin E is part of the antioxidants family, and thus, helps better fight collagen-busting free radicals and supports skin’s lipid barrier.
L-Glutathione plays a central role in curing and preventing pigmentation, by stopping the production of melanin responsible of dark spots. It helps significantly whitening your skin tone.

With such characteristics, your Vitamin C serum will ensure two very important actions:

- A highly active and stable formula, recharging itself for like 12 consecutive hours
- An optimal absorption by the skin leading to better and more visible results
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Our Favorite product is CE-Thione from the professional British brand Medik 8, presented in two bottles to maximise potency, with an optimized solution pH to reduce irritation.


o Vitamin C serum should be applied on a freshly cleansed, and slightly damp skin.
o Use clean fingers to spread the serum over your face, and don’t forget your neck.
o For the number of drops, follow the mentioned instructions on the product.
o Before applying on a moisturizer on top (which is a must for optimal results), wait around 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the serum.
o If you’re heading out for the day, make sure your moisturizer includes SPF protection.

Vitamin C does some amazing things for your skin when incorporated into your regimen. You can also enjoy its benefits by making sure you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet full of vitamins to nourish your skin from the inside out.

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